Ruth in Whitehorse at 10 PM Ruth in Whitehorse at 10 PM

Some samples of the photographs you can find in our photo essays. We are both semi-professional photographers who have experience with medium and large format cameras, and photographic printing

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May 2017
We have gone ‘Viking’, as John Samson would put it.  Nothing has changed on this web site for quite some time, due to a serious bout of depression, sponsored by ramifications of Steve’s 2009 work place accident. Many will know he returned to work for six years before the aggravation to his injuries and associated depression won over.  
We are now “retired” and roaming the planet aboard Gus the Bus. Our intention is to spend the summers in Ontario amongst family, helping out when and where we can. Fall and early winter will be back home to BC, then south for the winter. Gus is self-contained, and comfortable enough. Expect a huge shadow to pass over your house one day, just before you hear the air horn!
We had to put our beloved girl, Molly to rest in the fall of 2016. She had enough of the suffering, and is now at peace, watching over us. Kindest, sweetest creature we have ever met. Blue Heeler pup in California, nearby our planned travels. “Wylie” joined our travels, and we have doubted our sanity ever since. She’s a perfect example of her breed’s  enthusiasm and energy.

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Steve is a musician, composer, arranger, and sound man with a small in-home hobby studio. His passion is motorcycles, and long distance touring. He has written two adventure novels and over thirty songs.

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Ruth is a top-shelf cook and baker, 4th year CGA, photographic printer, and certified OCD in the area of organization.

Farewell to Miss Molly Magoo

Miss Molly Magoo was a Doberman/Shepherd cross who left us in the fall or 2016. Molly was a student of life, the universe and everything: her hobby, watching. Very close second was companionship of other dogs. She was a very gentle and kind dog, who actually adopted a local stray which has since expired. Molly had an arch nemesis, our cranky Meyer’s Parrot, Tiki. She has found a new home in Toronto, as we felt mobile life was hard on a bird.


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Miss Wylie of Norwich, is our new puppy. We thought we could find the energy for another Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). Wylie has us run off our feet. She is sweet and loving, but busy busy busy. And stubborn. Born in November 2016 in Earp California, Wylie is an AKC registered Blue Heeler. So far she is small for the breed. Beautiful and happy, she is unrelenting in her pursuit of the cat as a best friend. We’ll see if the cat eventually succumbs to her charms.