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History 101

Steve and Ruth Lovejoy currently live in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We arrived here to help out Steve's folks, Russ and Nancy Lovejoy, when her dementia became too much for them to handle alone. A year and a half before, we began a life of living aboard our motorcoach "Gus the Bus"; attempting to winter where the weather was easier on our bodies. Throughout our lives together we had resided in BC -  Salt Spring Island , Crofton , Cobble Hill, Genoa Bay - aboard our sailboat Nightnoise, and at a number of Light- Stations with the Canadian Coast Guard. 

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Ruth is a top-shelf cook and baker, photographic printer, has her Accounting degree, and is certif(ied/able) OCD in the area of organisation.​ Have a look at her fun section: "This is STUPID".


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