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March 10, 2024

Miss Molly Magoo's HOME PAGE

I am Miss Molly Magoo, born New Years day on Kuper Island, BC. My siblings and I were found at the garbage dump and taken to the SPCA. That was lucky, because it is known that the people of the island let unwanted dogs grow big enough to be a little clever, then shoot them for entertainment. 

Ruth took me home one night, having been told I would grow to about 40 pounds. I ended up kinda tall and more like 100 pounds.

I made friends with a local stray cat who was tired of being without people, and brought her around. Then she got to sleep on the bed all night, and I got hassled about it. Apparently I was a bit big. I loved my people, and wrestling with other dogs. My world's best pal was Charley McManus, who outlived me by a long time. He's in doggie heaven now too, so you never know if its us wrestling in the grass you see moving out in a field!

Steve was trying for some kind of artsy thing with the varieties of apples which grew at our place on Salt Spring Island. I was certain the photo would be helped with by a good looking girl!

This is Charley. He's my best-est buddy!

What a show off in those crazy shorts. Of course he came by it naturally - you should meet his father!

We never tire of each other, and when we get together for a serious play, we might need several days of rest after.

A great weekend at Long Beach / Ucluelet. While Steve was injured, we took a bit of time to head here for a great adventure. After finding numerous stinky things in the shallows and under the sand, Charlie needed company and insisted on sharing the couch with Steve. I think he was helping him heal.