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March 15, 2024

    The Kettle Valley Railwa y is an abandoned rail bed that spans much of the southern interior of B.C.  Larry, Bruce and I decided we were backwoods dual sport maniacs, each bought a 650 duallie, and packed our camping gear. There are three models of bike here: A Kawasaki KLR650, a BMW F650, and an Aprillia 650. We had a tremendous trip, with moments of fear and loathing, a vicious thunder storm, cows, and a lengthy tow.

The trail itself may no longer be usable by motor vehicles. Parts of it were already closed when we went. I believe a good chunk of the KVR is now the Trans-Canada Trail? We were lucky to go when we did. When we encountered horses and bicycles or hikers, we stopped off the trail and shut down. We also picked up a goodly amount of garbage left behind by the cyclists. (Yes, I can prove that). I'm sure not ALL cyclists are assholes, but no, I can't prove that. The ones we met acted morally superior and stand offish. We camped wild, off the trail at night, listening to vicious, wild animals crashing around through the brush (cows).

    If you've parsed through this top set, the dogs spoken of were Beagles! And it was only five minutes to the next gate. However, we had a great camp spot beside the river, and I impressed the guys by bathing in the glacial water. This is the western part of the trail, so the Similkimeen Valley and river feature, as well as the Okanagan Lakes and the area around Oliver.
    Despite an amazing thunder storm, the wind did not dislodge the hornets nest onto Bruce's tent, and we hid out from the trouncing rain in our tent site, rolling around with laughter because the fierce wind stretched the bungies holding Larry's bikini tent fly were pull to their fullest, putting about three feet of space between tent and fly.