Motorcycle Tour of Chilcotin Caribou Region - South Western BC - 2005

This was a Dual Sport bike trip, the three of us on Kawasaki KLRs.

Myself, Nick Marshall and George Apted took the ferry from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island to Bella Coola. Then, eastward over the mountain pass built by the citizens of that coastal community, south to the area of Lillooet, then continuing south along the Harrison Lakes right to the border, and home on zero avenue.

George and Nick were way faster than me on loose surfaces. I found out after a day or so that George was a Trials champion. So... never try to keep up with a trial champion. I had an unintentional dismount: finding the boys mired in slime mud, I zoomed on, trying to blast through -  popped a few ribs - see the pic of me in a ballet pose to show off my clutzy capabilities.

We wound southward from there on logging roads, and discovered a nice natural hot springs which had been fixed up by the locals. It had barrels you could bath in, and larger wallowing tubs for groups. Hot and cold water gravity fed through piping they had brought in. Very nice for my abused body!