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March 10, 2024

Wylie Lovejoy's HOME PAGE

I'm Wylie, a Kendali Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). I was born in Erp, north-eastern California to a Red father and Blue mother. I was very blue as a puppy, but as I aged much of the blue went away. If you back brush me, I have a lot of red in my undercoat.

I am NOT a fan of heat at all! In fact I L-O-V-E winter, especially snow! I'll walk up to a snow bank and burrow my entire head into the loose snow. I enjoy someone pitching my ball into deep snow, so I have to search high and low.

When I was adopted it was clear that despite being an AKC registered purebred, I was non-conforming: I have an underbite, and it eventually became clear that I was short in height and also in body length. So I'm very compact and solid. I had some shoulder development issues, so I was exercised by swimming LOTS as a pup.  From observation my parents believe I'm a bit of a throw back to the Corgi dog that is part of the Blue Heeler lineage. In order to help my teeth from clashing due to the bite, we payed a lot of ball as a pup.This helped to reposition the lower teeth so they didn't damage themselves or others above.

My most commented upon feature is my tail, which is checkered black and white, some say like a raccoon tail.