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March 12, 2024

Steve and Larry's Big Adventure ...

This was really an epic trip. Looking through the photos now, is the reminder of all the places we got to and things we did. Experiences GALORE!

In 2003 I bought my Honda ST1300. Larry Brooks decided he would follow suit with a Yamaha sport touring bike - the FJR 1300. Bruce Hayton had, at that time, a BMW R110R. Bruce could only join us for the first day of the trip. We left NW Washington headed east. This was probably my first of many times through Lolo pass. Such a nice warm up for twisties to come; it is long safe sweepers along a mountain river.

We started out by roasting BR's proclivity for German things. Then we trundled over I90 to put some miles on, discovering part of a wrecked bike to play with at a pee stop.  After over-nighting in Lewiston, we parted ways and Larry and I wove our way around Montana and Wyoming. Chief Joseph highway, Bear tooth Pass, Yellowstone, then twist back eastward. We stumbled upon the big bike fest at Sturgis without realising it was on. We then stopped in on Larry's uncle before heading west through a fierce all night storm through hundereds of miles of road construction: with all rooms occupied along the way, we soldiered on into S Alberta by morning. More than 1000 miles in one sit! 

I​f you've ever heard my riding tales, this one included ...

I'm breaking the trip into groups of 50 or so photos. 

Group One

Group Two

Group Three

Group Four