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Lovejoy happens to be my surname. Taken separately, these are two of the most admirable and desirable things one could ask for out of life.

Music tells stories, releases emotions; says the words that we cannot.​​ It reminds us it's OK to be sad, to be angry. It brings out the sun on a lousy day. 

Music transports us to events and places. Brings us close to friends who have departed.

These are the keys to the choices I have made in bringing together the songs I want to share. 

My sets target a mature audience, likely children in the 60's and 70's.  To be clear: I play music women love and appreciate. Where women enjoy being, men will follow. This is not an evening of beer pounding blues.

The LOVEJOY show took about 6 years to create. All parts have been played by myself with a couple of guest spots from musician friends. There is nothing mechanical or robotic going on. Each song track was recorded digitally in my own studio. This technology allows a quality, full band experience in a smaller venue. I play acoustic and electric guitar, as well as piano in your venue.

High quality instruments, skilfully played; excellent equipment, thoughtfully chosen songs with great lyrics. There is everything ranging from folk rock standards to 70's rock. Classic tunes, and deeper album cuts music fans will remember and enjoy.

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Steve Lovejoy was born in coastal BC in 1962, and has resided in Northern BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and coastal BC. Steve has played guitar since he was eight, and piano since his early teens. His first bands were in Beausejour, then Winnipeg Manitoba where he was lead singer and bassist. He has played clubs throughout western Canada, and worked as a sound and lighting technician in theatre and stage. He works in his digital studio in winter and rides motorcycles in summer.

He has also worked as a farmhand, arbourist, lighthouse keeper, technical writer, computer programmer, network, audio  and video technician. He has two published adventure novels, with a third in process.

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