Welcome Wylie, our little puppy princess. One year old, Nov 27,2017, she came to us through an Internet ad. We picked her up in Earp, California. She is an AKC registered Blue Heeler, and very loving, playful and intense! Loves to play with other dogs, fetches very well, loves to kill soccer balls, and once she knows you, likes to get and gives hugs. She;s become a real swimmer, as she limps due to a genetic shoulder issue. Swimming is so much better for her.

She is a yodeller. When she wants something, she does a goofy howl-yodel that is sure to make you howl yourself - with laughter!

Zombie Attack!

Wyie ate Opus’ brain! Mozart ate his shower cap many years ago. Molly ate his towel.

Turns out dogs hate penguins.

Who knew?