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It is April 2011 at time of writing. The ST has about 87,000 kM on it. Sadly, I did not ride much last summer, due to the workplace accident I had in 2009. It is a highway bike, on which I loved to pass hundreds of miles a day.

My impressions? Well, it is always easiest to start with the bad. There is a well documented high speed wobble. This was very much enhanced by the original tires. I have tried a variety, and presently am burning off a set of Michelin Road2. The dual compound is very sticky, but noticeable at the transition point. You get used to it. These are my pick for the right tires on the ST1300.

There is also a flat spot in the fuel injection mapping. I do not see others complaining of it as vigorously as I do. Perhaps it is less in their case, or perhaps my riding style exacerbates the problem. Either way, there is a decided hesitation at around 3200 RPM. This is a real pain when riding in twisties, particularly down hill. Your intention to accelerate can change to DECELERATION with a twist of the throttle. Scary the odd time, mostly very annoying. From my read, there is not anything the common man can do with the ST’s computer. It’s fixed.

Beyond these things, it is a competent machine for covering highway or twisted backroads. Mine is often fully loaded, and has a passenger. The power is very acceptable, but you do need to know how to shift down a gear when passing on a short open stretch. One of the nearest comparisons tends to be the Yamaha FJR, which I have travelled many a companionable miles with. Neither bike was ever the clear winner of any contest.

As it seems to no longer be a comfortable fit, I may end up selling the ST, but I will always remember it as a favoured friend.

July 14, 2011. I have sold the ST. It is a sad day. I tried to have the valves adjusted just before selling, but they were still perfect after 74,000 kM. Can’t beat Honda engines!


We bought the ST in 2003, the first model year. Never buy the first model year! There were a few issues with the bike that were fixed in later iterations, but Honda never saw fit to promote to recalls.

Here’s Wikipedia’s info on the ST1300.