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Shovelhead (FL) Harley-Davidson

This spring I made a trade with buddy Jari Boren. He relocated to the BC interior where there are rougher roads and lots of tertiary stuff and logging roads to travel. He took on the Buell Ulysses, and I took on his H-D Shovelhead. It has been an interesting relationship, certainly with a four to one ration of repairs to ride. However, the bike is coming along, looking very good, and getting almost reliable.

Uncountable small annoyances have arisen, meaning I’ve changed a pretty good portion of the nuts and bolts, and will eventually do all of them. The left side mirror vibrated off on the way home with it, so I’ve upgraded to a nicer quality mirror with a built in LED signal and running light. Also changed out the rear lamp for an LED equivalent, which adds very appropriate looking signal lights in the rear as well.

Had an issue with the kick starter, which is still somewhat in effect, but much better. It all stems from a feeble spring arrangement which acts to engage the starter kick lever. I have seen replacement kits that include the cog for not a lot of money, so I’m guessing it is a routine one gets into every other spring.

Also put on a real leather seat, and it brings the look ahead quite a but. I’ll have to do a photo shoot soon, as nothing I have is really indicative.