Ruth Lovejoy’s Home Page

This is one of those model shots; wind in the hair, dogs lips getting ripped off…

Note that there are no prints in the sand! It was blowing so hard tracks disappeared instantly!

OK, so it may take forever and a day before my beloved actually writes any content for her own web page.

Ruth is into gardening, and landscaping. We have a protected area in which mostly fruit is grown: blue berries, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb. It is April 2, and all our fruit trees are now pruned. Ground far too wet to get serious. Veggies are started, as well as some herbs.

She really hates pictures of herself, so instead there are pictures of others who hate pictures of themselves on this page. Feel free to Photoshop in moustaches, then email them back.

Ruthie traded her Star 250, which is the baby Virago, for a Suzuki Van Van 200. The Suzi is a light dual sport with balloon tires, which should be fun and practical in the desert in the winter time.