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My 2010 BMW RF1200GSA. BMWs flagship bike, and one definitely suited to my riding style and plans. The bike does shirk when the road runs out. We have travelled extensively, both on and off road, often two up, usually fully loaded. My wife finds it to be more comfortable pillion than the ST1300 was. I have nothing to really complain about, and will mostly likely stick with this as my main bike for years to come.

We have had some sort of cold start issue where the bike only started on one cylinder. This was right after some warranty work on the fuel supply, and appears to have worked itself out. Look up the bike and you will find all kinds of issues with the power train, and a part failure “under the hood” with a valve or sensor that will stop you for several days. I have been very particular with drive maintenance, but other than routine maintenance, I just point and shoot.

Engine was hard starting when hot. Upgraded to a Li-Ion battery. Problem solved. Battery is crazy good. No worries about charging electronics over night.

The tail frame has lost its paint in circular patches, and these are rusting. Same for the bolts in the front of the engine, holding the belt casing for the alternator on. When I asked a maintenance ‘professional’ about this he responded, “Well, you drive it off road”. Somehow, I doubt this is a BMW advocated reply, but I haven’t gone so far as to contact BMW Canada yet re them fixing it. Wanted to answer back with, “yes, but not under salt water”.

Sprayed wool oil on the offending places.

Autographed by Charlie Boorman