Dearly Departed Miss Molly Magoo

I am Miss Molly Magoo, born New Years day on Kuper Island, BC. My siblings and I were found at the garbage dump and taken to the SPCA. Ruth took me home one night, having been told I would grow to about 40 pounds. I ended up kinda tall and more like 100 pounds.

I made friends with the local stray cat, who was tired of being without people, and brought her around. Now she gets to sleep on the bed all night, and I get hassled about it. Apparently I am a bit big.

Steve was trying for some kind of artsy thing with the varieties of apple we grow. I knew what the photo needed was a good looking girl to snap things up.

My People


Doggie Companionship






Red Meat

White Meat

Beef Jerky

Charlie's mom

… and Charlie’s

Mom. This explains

a lot actually.

Great, a Christmas costume

Oh yeah … Can’t wait until the next time they fine a great costume for me. (Rolling eyes)

Tiki, my stupid bird Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW! I'm seeing spots OK, people are just weird From my Valentine, Charlie!! Chewing on Casey Tanner

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