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Kettle Valley Railway Ride

Bruce Hayton, Larry Brooks and myself decided we needed to get dual sport bikes and travel the great outback of British Columbia. We had a good adventure, which was highlighted by a great thunder storm in the Similkimeen River Valley, crazed dogs on an Indian Reservation, and the discovery of what is REALLY out there in the great out there.

We met at the border on a beautiful summer morning, and wove northward on minor highways, until we emptied onto the highway 5 connector, Coquihalla. Just before the toll booth one takes a double back onto a gravel road, and you are on the old rail bed. (Toll both has since been removed). We slept in the wild every night, finding likely spots along the rivers etc. We used the Backroads Mapbook as our guide, and spent alot of time being pretty much lost. This didn’t work out to be an inconvenience, as we always got found again.

The river was real cold, but we jumped in to bath. In several places the rail bed passed through Indian Reservations. We were respectful and closed the gates we needed to open. No one ever approached us. At one gate there was a warning sign indicating that the dogs were let loose after a certain time. There’s a photo of me checking my watch at a gate - that’s why! We elected to avoid the risk, and stayed in a great little site right on the river. This was in where one of the best laughs of my life occurred. A brisk thunder storm rolled through the valley in the evening. The wind really came up. Lar and I were sharing his tent. We set up a quick tarp to cook under. As the storm wind came up, the tiny tent fly covering the blow hole in his tent was picked up, and strained to the end of the bungies attaching it. It looked like a parachute, straining to escape the earthly constraints of his tent!

Next morning, we set out hoping the dogs were away. But there they were in the home stead yard - two Beagles that ignored us completely. Belly laugh number two! Keremeos is a great little berg, and we had the pleasure of being joined at the cafe by a cowboy, who, naturally, arrived on horseback.

Unfortunately, these photos are scanned from prints, so not the best quality. Great memories though! Excellent part of the world for an adventure.