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The venerable Kawasaki KLR-A16. I did a lot of mods on this bike, following suggestions from web sites on the heavy, world travel usage of this beast.

KLRs are what they are. Not a great road bike, not a great off-road bike, but a worthy cross-over. It is the single model most used by the world traveller. Parts are available and cheap. A new KLR is still only around $7k in 2015. The nerf bars are Happy Trail, as is bash plate. The bags were Wolfman.

A little too tall for the common man. A little too heavy for trail work. Not for two up

The boys all decide we needed to do some dual sport riding. I elected to get the KLR, Bruce got an Aprillia, and Larry got a BMW. Each of these bikes had its suitabilities and issues, but they allowed us to do a great adventure together in BC’s south central interior. There is a series on the trips segment of this site chronicling our adventure on the Kettle Valley Rail bed. This is a disused railroad bed that has had the tracks torn up, and is refurbished for travel. Sadly, morally superior beings have more recently dictated that hikers and cyclists are better people than the motorcyclists who continue opening up these sort of trails. We spent half our time helping and cleaning up after these wonderful folk.

Here’s the link to Wikipedia’s KLR page. Interesting to note that the military puts a diesel version of the engine in and uses these motorcycles.