Audio/Video Consultation:

I am not an audio equipment snob, but I am a sound snob. Price does not impress me so much as performance. You need a certain quality of component to create the results we are looking for, but beyond that we’re into nuances and visual preferences. What I am selling is sound. You deserve to hear what the audio engineers have worked so hard to package in your music and video collections. Certainly, more expensive speakers may look and sound better. I will give you realistic advice on what is required, then submit options falling within your budget.

Networking Consultation:

You want your network to work. Period. Let me look at your physical environment and determine the combination of hard-wired and wireless solutions that will get you on-line, all the time! I specialize in water-proof, outdoor wireless systems so you can get your out-buildings service as well. Your home or business deserve a seamless network infra-structure. I never write myself into the equation. You will receive all passwords and an explanation of how to manage your equipment when my work is done.

Computer Systems Consultation:

Computers have gotten cheap. Backup hardware and software is also inexpensive. What isn’t is your time. So why do people have weak systems and non-existent backup strategies? Because they haven’t gotten good advice. Your backup strategy should mean you are never “down” for more than an hour, and you never ever lose anything. If you can afford redundancy (or can’t afford not to have it), you should never be down. Period.

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Contact Information:

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Notice: Unfortunately, I have to suspend operations for some time. I am having advanced issues based on a workplace accident in the past, and these are requiring that I take it easy, both physically and mentally for the foreseeable future.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and look forward to fixing your A/V and tech issues moving forward.

Good luck and good news.