Principal:      Steve Lovejoy


Name Explained: Sailors will recognize the Genoa as the big headsail providing most of the motivational force for the vessel.


Steve comes from the tiny burg of Hazelglen Manitoba, a struggling farm community north east of Winnipeg.  Earliest interests were musical, mechanical and electronic. At eight years old he began teaching himself to play instruments, and simultaneously started messing with amplifiers and sound sources.

After college Steve began messing with computers in a print capacity, where he used one of the first laptops - the Winnipeg built Osborne. He then went on the road as a travelling musician through the 80’s. In that medium he learned audio equipment and the tenets of good sound, and was a sound man for a number of bands and festivals. Computer knowledge and interest increased through the application of MIDI, recording and processing, in a time of rapidly emerging technology.

Steve and Ruth became lighthouse keepers on the west coast, continuing self-education in sound and computers as a hobby. Steve wrote two adventure novels in that time frame, prompting Ruth to realize her aptitude with editorial skills.

After parting ways with the Coast Guard, they formed Genoa Systems Support. The company has created corporate software, help files and manuals, technical documentation, web applications, database denormalization and stored procedures. At present, our main thrust is the design and setup of home and office networks, and integration and optimization of audio/video systems.

Who is Genoa Systems Support?

Contact Information:

Tel: 250-931-6252 | Fax: 250-931-6253 | email:

Networking Cloud and Personal Backup strategies Localized automated backup and redundency Audio Systems and tune ups Indoor and Outdoor Wireless solutions

Notice: Unfortunately, I have to suspend operations for some time. I am having advanced issues based on a workplace accident in the past, and these are requiring that I take it easy, both physically and mentally for the foreseeable future.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and look forward to fixing your A/V and tech issues moving forward.

Good luck and good news.