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Desert roads 2004 with Bruce

Brufus* and I decide we needed a good run into the hinterlands. The trip touched on  Washington, Oregon, Nevada, NE California, Utah and Arizona. Bikes ran flawlessly, scenery was fantastic, the heat was hot and the air was dry. Had not developed the urge to take a lot of trip photos at this point. The ST1300 got a really good workout. We had memorable winds in the NW corner of Nevada, featuring a thunderstorm, and a desert gas station like you see in the movies. We went on to discover a charming series of backroads into California, with some of the pretties mountain glens you could hope to see.

My guess is these were taken with the Nikon CoolPics, which was our first digital camera. I even splurged for lends adapters to telephoto and fish eye. What a rook! Had to reboot the thing any time there was anything worth shooting!!