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Charlie Boorman on Vancouver Island

OK, I’m not a groupie guy by any stretch, I figure people are doing what they do, leave them to it. Like so many riders, I have watched The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down featuring Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. Great buddy flicks, and you feel like you know these guys when the series is over.

I couldn’t pass up a chance to meet Charlie, when the owner of a local bike shop hosted him in Duncan at the terminus of his cross Canada adventure, which was filmed and is now released as Extreme Frontiers Canada. We met him at a meet and greet the evening before the ride, and Charlie was every bit the fellow in the videos. He’s seems genuinely grateful to have a following, and by all appearances enjoyed the scrum at the end of the evening. I got to have a few words with him.

The next day a group of us rode as escorts, including friends Bruce Hayton and Libby Barlow. There are tiny glimpses of Bruce and I at the very end of the film. I asked Charlie to sign my bike, which was very new at the time, and now have his signature on the fuel tank of my BMW R1200GSA.