Steve has written two novels, and has a third in the works.


I began to write Freebird aboard our sailboat, Nightnoise, which we lived aboard for a number of years. When we got on with the Canadian Coast Guard as lightkeepers, the opportunity of a reliable portion of each day I could devote to writing facilitated making it through this first effort.

Having done some research into writing, I purposely set out to write in the first person, as I had learned it was more difficult. The book was written long hand, and torturously typed out (anyone who has seen my hand writing will understand where the torture lay) on a Zenith PC/XT computer by my wife, Ruth.

A million lessons were taken, books bought on punctuation and language rules, charts and maps poured over for accuracy, and much fact checking was performed when we were on vacation from the remote light stations. Notwithstanding, in a pre-Google world, I’m sure there are a few statements that will be looked upon askance by current day Google wielding zealots!

Freebird makes no pretences at grandeur, and simply hopes to entertain you on a rainy weekend when you’d rather be having an adventure. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it !

Without further ado ... here are the opening chapters ...


Having accomplished my goal of completing a novel written in the first person, I decided it was time to try writing from multiple perspectives. What a blast! The disappearance of the restrictions built into the single perspective novel were gone, and I could move the action along much more quickly.

One of the key differences is, you don’t have to move from A to B with your character; you can drop them off somewhere and pick up with them later, having told another portion of the story is in the mean while.

With Tillicum, my muse continues to be the lure of the sea, adventure, betrayal, and beautiful women. The vessel this time is a classic schooner, and the sailing is all within coastal BC waters. It is not a continuation of the Freebird story.

Here is the introductory chapter of Tillicum

The Tree

… is the tentative name for novel number three. It leaves the sailing medium behind for terrestrial adventures. The story traverses Canada, generations and decades, to arrive on the historic shores of Newfoundland. A place where secrets are kept, strangers are suspect, and still waters run deep. It is too early to post any portion of this work, though it has been annotated and mulled over since the before completion of Tillicum. I hope to do some on the ground research on Newfoundland in the coming months. Right now I’m around chapter 30.

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