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Bella Coola Chilcotin Dual Sport

With buddy Nick Marshall and George Apted, we set out by ferry from the top of Vancouver Island to Bella Coola, on BC’s inside passage. After a moist start our first night and morning, things cleared up for the most part. However, the recent rain in the area caused us a few issues with mud and rutty trails. I was always last in this group, both of the other guys spending a lot more time riding trials than I. Turned out that George is a principal in the Trials association of BC. Once I knew that, I felt a bit better regarding why he could pop up a mountain side, leaving us mere mortals just staring after him!

Managed to do a pretty good unintentional dismount while trying to catch the guys up … Came over a rise to find them pushing their bikes through mud at the bottom of a hill. This was one of those times when brakes might have been a better choice than throttle. I later had to withstand the insult after injury of  being pressure washed beside my bike at the carwash in Clinton.

Pretty good example of the meat in the seat being more important than the bike. Three identical bikes, but for year. Got out ridden something fierce this trip.