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Alaska 2014

Every few years Ruth and I take a trip of fairly epic proportions on the bike. In 2014 we elected to try Alaska. This is a trip that is considered the holy grail to many motorcyclists.

Our impression may surprise many: Don’t bother. Now, let’s remember this is in the context of motorcycle adventures. The trip up on the ferry is indeed very scenic. Take this trip one day. Leave your bike at home.

The coast is gorgeous, formidable, any number of superlatives. Well worth seeing. But at some point, you have to go in land. Welcome to northern Manitoba folks. Miles of gently undulating rolls, with 40 foot trees as far as the eye can see.

We were bored sick. Also found the dealerships to be somewhat lacking in their appreciation of the traveling motorcyclist. Now, once you get into the Yukon, the scene changes, the riding becomes more interesting, the forest has more grandeur, and the wildlife is more bountiful. Highway 37 in BC must be ridden, same for the Alaska highway through BC and the Yukon. But leave your passport at home, unless you want to nip over to Hyder AK and get pissed up (Hyderised).

There will be those unacquainted with us who think we were somehow disappointed by the weather, or aren’t real bikers - wrong. We like to scrape pegs two up, and have done hundreds of off road miles and thousands of road miles. Other than to tick this off on the bucket list, I can name hundreds of better rides. For us, the high point of this trip was Chicken, on the top of the world highway. Worth a visit if you’re in Dawson City YT.

Rather than do a bunch of editing, I’m popping all the photos out there, with a quick transition.

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