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Alaska Highway, the long way

Ruthie and I take on the Alaska Highway. However, as we head out the weather is sucking, so we are pushed ever south and east. A visit to Dean and Rhona, Dad and Nancy, then the SE terminus, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. We spend a day in the infamous tunnels below the city, home to the Chinese, bordellos, laundries, and of course Al Capone and his rum runners.

Finally we figure, screw it let’s just go. Rainy and crisp. Great scenery, though hovering around 2 degrees Celsius on the way up.We made Whitehorse, where we failed to find a rear tire, so that was our northern extreme. Wore off the last of the tire before we made Dawson Creek again, so spent a couple of days hanging out in a tiny hotel in the dusty town of Fort Nelson. Finally the tire arrived, and we continued on with the help of the local tire shop.

Great trip, a  must ride for any highway bikers. As stated in our Alaska trip log, stay in the Yukon and BC. Save the Alaska trip for a coastal boat ride and maybe a car trip with friends

These images are again taken with our dreaded Cool Pics Nikon. Poor Ruth must have rebooted the thing 200 times. We missed a perfect shot of an Elk, right in front of us with a great backdrop. Had to pull the batteries out of the camera that time to reset it. Elk got bored and left. He’s probably still telling that story to his cronies at the bar!